About Fargo Ergonomics

Our Mission: To provide quality services in order to reduce the number of work-related injuries which will help workers feel happier and healthier and help companies prosper and grow.

Fargo Ergonomics is the areas expert in preventing work-related injuries. Our number one goal is to reduce the risk of injury in order for you to have happier and healthier employees. This will lead to increased productivity, cost savings and reduced liability. Skilled physical and occupational therapists are available to treat an injury, if needed, and are able to help workers return to work in a safe and timely manner. The team at Fargo Ergonomics has experience in treating a large amount of musculoskeletal disorders (chronic injuries to your muscular and skeletal system due to unsafe body mechanics and positioning or repetitive motions) and is committed to preventing these injuries from happening altogether. We will be with you and collaborate with your company to create an outstanding outcome.

Our clinic is open Monday - Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM


1854 NDSU Research Circle N.

Suite 47A

Fargo, ND  58102


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