What is an ergonomics program?

An ergonomics program is a systemic process designed to reduce Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs). Risk factors are identified, analyzed and controlled in the workplace with a successful implementation of an ergonomics program.

Studies have shown increased productivity, scrap rates, quality, safety, health, employee motivation and commitment, and the perceived quality of work life with a successful implementation of an ergonomics program.


How does it work?

The ergonomist at Fargo Ergonomics initially meets with given contact within the company to determine goals and projected outcomes. Once this is established, the ergonomics program that is uniquely designed will help to:

  • Develop a process to identify and reduce ergonomic risks.
  • Ensure new tools and equipment meet ergonomic standards.
  • Train workers for consistent involvement in identifying issues and developing effective measures.
  • Provide systems for continuous improvement.
  • Organize responsibilities for the company’s ergonomics team.

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