What is an ergonomic assessment: post injury?

An assessment which is completed, on-site or virtually, to improve the fit between the worker and the workplace. This ergonomic assessment is done to accommodate for past injuries which will allow the worker the ability to continue working.


How does it work?

A majority of the time, ergonomic assessments are needed for three main reasons: 

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    Prevent an injury before possible improper positioning could become problematic

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    Reduce the progression of current aches, pains and postural issues

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    Modify the workplace for someone who is recovering from an injury

No matter what the reason may be, the goal is to help improve the fit between you and your workplace.  Ergonomic assessments can be completed on-site or virtually. Each assessment includes:

  • Collection of workplace related data and equipment with the given employee.
  • Observation of current employee positioning within one (or more) workspace(s).
  • Identification of risk factors to prevent an injury.
  • Recommendations provided for modifications to the workstation or needed equipment.
  • Education to assist with reducing risk factors.
  • Typed report which includes information related to the ergonomic assessment, such as risk factors, recommendations, modifications and consideration of equipment if applicable.

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