Occupational Health Services

Fargo Ergonomics provides solutions for small to large businesses to reduce and prevent work-related injuries. We are also able to rehabilitate an injured worker if there was an accident. All of our preventative and rehabilitation services are implemented by qualified physical and occupational therapists. Our services include:

Ergonomic Assessments

An assessment which is completed (on-site or virtually) to improve the fit between the worker and the workplace in order to prevent musculoskeletal disorders (chronic injuries to your muscular and skeletal system due to unsafe body mechanics and positioning or repetitive motions).

Post-Offer Employment Testing (POET)

A physical assessment given to a prospective employee after a formal job offer has been made by the employer. In order to be hired, the candidate must pass the physical assessment, which tests whether he or she can perform the physical demands of the job in a safe manner.

Workability Testing

Various physical tests which are completed in order to set restrictions or modifications in order for a worker to return to work.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

A set of tests, practices and observations that are combined to determine the ability of the evaluated person to function in a variety of circumstances, most often employment, in an objective manner.

Functional Job Assessments (FJA)

An assessment which describes the knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics necessary for job performance. It will outline a job’s essential functions, physical requirements, environmental conditions and behavioral and cognitive aspects of a job.

Education and Presentations

On-site and virtual presentations provided to reduce the risk of an injury. Topics and length vary depending on need. Examples of topics include: Safe Lifting, Desk Positioning for Office Workers, Stretches, Reducing Fatigue and information related to proper nutrition. Other topics are available upon request.


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